Corsaire had to issue their end deliverables to customers using a high level of encryption. An internal tool had been developed in 2008, however technology had surpassed it, and the decryption software was starting to cause problems for clients  trying to retrieve the data. Corsaire needed a new tool!

I project managed the in-house development of the Corsaire Secure Portal, which allowed clients to retrieve their report deliverable via a browser in a secure manner which would replace the outdated encryption tool.

The project ran for one quarter and was developed by Corsaire security consultants. The portal could be used with any of the major browsers on Windows and OS X technology. Access to the file was provided by 2 factor authentication.

Since implementation of the secure portal, there was a significant drop in logged incidents, and feedback on user-experience was positive.


Corsaire had a requirement for a secure, single point of reference for all of their client information. They were concerned about using a cloud based solution so decided to develop a locally hosted application in-house.

The project ran for 2 months across multiple department teams. The application was developed by Corsaire security consultants using Google GWT, Spring, Maven and MySQL database technologies.

The contact application not only stored customer data in a single database but also allowed us to mail merge far more effectively and provided access to a single set of unified information across all company teams.