During my career I’ve managed hundreds of Information Security projects from commercial and delivery perspectives for Corsaire and NCC Group. Many of these projects were for large blue chip organisations with a mixture of different maturity levels, seeking consultancy services anywhere between a penetration test of an in-house application, to a physical security assessment of a 3rd party data centre. I have assisted many organisations in developing a programme of activities to deliver a significant improvement in their ability to thwart many types of attack, and also reach legal and tick-box goals such as PCI DSS compliance. My responsibilities included, but not limited to the following:

  • Organising Project Scoping
  • Proposing the agreed scope and commercial aspects to the client
  • Organising commercial paperwork to adhere to legal requirements
  • Overseeing the resource scheduling and delivery of the project
  • Issuing assessment results and other project deliverables
  • Organising aftercare, presentations and post testing support

In addition I was also the Project Manager for several internal initiatives which can be found on other pages under ‘Projects’.