Corsaire’s recruitment process required formal structure so I managed an initiative to create a defined hiring process. The project included:

  • Determining our preferred job posting methods (Linkedin, Agencies etc)
  • Introduction of an application form for initial candidate consideration
  • Introduction of candidate psychometric profiling and DBS checks
  • Standardising the interviewing process for consistency
  • Defining training and handover processes
  • Reference checking procedures
  • Documenting and supplying the new process information to all hiring managers
  • Updating relevant HR material e.g. Offer Letters, Company Handbooks

As a result of the changes that were implemented, Corsaire was able to streamline their hiring process across all teams; saving hiring managers’ time and producing a higher calibre of candidates during the interview process as well as increasing the employee retention rate.


Based on client feedback, Corsaire decided to do a visual rebrand which would represent the company’s culture and be more aesthetically pleasing and recognisable. The project included:

  • Organising initial customer feedback
  • Working with design agencies to develop a brand visual
  • Including Competitive Advantage / Value Propositions to the new brand
  • All Marketing Documentation refreshed : Website, Flyers, Brochures etc
  • Updating internal and client facing documentation
  • Brand release event for our clients

The brand update had extremely positive results, which were proven though client feedback surveys and a significant increase in client referrals and recommendations.


Creating a process to enable Corsaire to save time and provide consistency during a tender process. The project included:

  • Determining the current win ratio
  • Creating template answers for commonly asked questions in tenders
  • Determining our criteria for deciding whether we wish to participate in the tender. Is it good business for us?
  • Creating bid planning options to highlight our competitive edge
  • Enabling ways to submit template responses in multiple formats and methods
  • Creating a bid team consisting of technical and commercial personnel to be responsible for overseeing all tender activities

By developing a strategy to determine which tenders would provide value to the company, it enabled Corsaire to effectively manage their resources and obtain a higher win ratio.